Canadian Corporate & Securities Regulators & Laws

– *links updated August 24, 2015 –

canadian-securities-regulatorsEach province and territory in Canada has its own corporate statute and securities rules and regulations.

A number, but not all, of the corporate statutes in Canada are based on the Federal Business Corporations Act with slight variations.  Companies are required to comply with the corporate statute they were incorporated under. If a company is incorporated under the Federal corporate statute, or conducts business in another province other than the province it was incorporated under, it must be extra-provincially registered in that province.

Each individual Province in Canada has its own Provincial securities regulator. All transactions that involve securities within a particular Province must comply with that Province’s securities rules and regulations, unless otherwise exempt. Securities transactions involving residents in more than one Province, must comply with the securities laws in each applicable Province. A number of the securities rules are harmonized through National Policy Statements and Multi-Lateral Instruments involving more than just one province.

Contact information and links to each Province’s corporate and securities laws and regulations have been organized in folders. Just click on the name of the Province to reveal the resources in that folder.

Federal Government of Canada
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